How to keep your Christmas tree standing straight

If you want that delightful Christmas atmosphere at your home you need to get a Christmas tree. For people who grew up with decorating a Christmas tree every year, it is difficult to imagine holidays without one.

The Christmas tree doesn’t need to be very large or full of elaborate ornaments to be beautiful. All it really takes to have a nice Christmas tree is a nice and healthy tree itself decorated with some tasteful decorations and lights.

But many people dread the whole ordeal of bringing a real tree into the house. It needs to be watered and it sheds almost constantly so you should be aware that it is quite a high-maintenance piece of Christmas decoration. But the pay off is absolutely worth it. Real trees look so much better than artificial ones and they smell amazing too. If you can afford it, definitely look into getting a live Christmas tree.

One of the most common problems with real Christmas tress is getting them to stand upright. If you’re planning on being a first-time real Christmas tree-owner this year, then you might be wondering how to even put up a tree like that in your living room. There are a few methods of doing that.

Tree stands are the easiest solution for this. They are simple items that can greatly aid you in securing your precious Christmas tree. For example, Menards tree stands are very reliable and will make your job much easier.

How to use a Christmas tree stand

Tree stands are the easiest way of making sure your tree is standing straight securely. But you will need to fit your tree to your tree stand or vice versa. If you’ve gotten a live Christmas tree before then you probably have a rough idea of what kind of trunk width you’re dealing with. If your tree stand is too small for your tree then you can shave off some millimeters off the trunk with a knife but doing so is actually detrimental to the tree’s health because it negatively affects the absorption of water. So the best solution here is to get a tree stand that has a slightly wider trunk hole – the tree can be secured anyway with the use of special screws. Remember that the wider the platform of the tree stand the sturdier it is.

To properly put the tree into the tree stand you will need help of at least one extra person. Once you put the tree in, you need someone to take a step back and judge whether it is straight or not. If the tree seems heavily crooked it might be a good idea to take a manual saw and cut the base of the trunk straight. Then, once you have made sure that the tree is standing straight, one person needs to hold it in that position while the other person drives the screws from the stand into the trunk.

Now you can fill the tree stand with water and voila, you have a perfectly straight live Christmas tree ready to decorate.